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Slovakia: Hájske Vodopády (Háj Waterfalls)

Following a couple of days of over-eating, we ventured out to get a bit of fresh air. It was incredibly mild outside, with thick fog. Unable to see the surrounding hills, we visited a steep-sided valley through which runs a stream and a series of waterfalls. The final two photos illustrate the fog where we attempted a hill-top walk.

Slovakia_Dec2015_Haj_Waterfalls_01 Slovakia_Dec2015_Haj_Waterfalls_02 Slovakia_Dec2015_Haj_Waterfalls_03 Slovakia_Dec2015_Haj_Waterfalls_04 Slovakia_Dec2015_Haj_Waterfalls_05 Slovakia_Dec2015_Haj_Waterfalls_06 Slovakia_Dec2015_Haj_Waterfalls_07 Slovakia_Dec2015_Haj_Waterfalls_08 Slovakia_Dec2015_Haj_Waterfalls_09 Slovakia_Dec2015_Haj_Waterfalls_10 Slovakia_Dec2015_Haj_Waterfalls_11 Slovakia_Dec2015_Haj_Waterfalls_12 Slovakia_Dec2015_Haj_Waterfalls_13 Slovakia_Dec2015_Haj_Waterfalls_14

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