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Sheringham and Cromer

With the arrival of a sudden heatwave across the UK, it was time to hit the beach. Forecasted temperatures were highest on the north Norfolk coast (around the mid twenties (celsius)) hence this was our chosen destination for the day. Clearly many people had the same idea. We arrived in Sheringham by rail replacement bus (!) and, after spending a while exploring the quieter parts of the beach, walked along the coastal path to Cromer. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen the sea so calm; it was virtually like a mirror in places.

Sheringham_Cromer_01 Sheringham_Cromer_02 Sheringham_Cromer_03 Sheringham_Cromer_04 Sheringham_Cromer_05 Sheringham_Cromer_06 Sheringham_Cromer_07 Sheringham_Cromer_08 Sheringham_Cromer_09 Sheringham_Cromer_10 Sheringham_Cromer_11 Sheringham_Cromer_12 Sheringham_Cromer_13 Sheringham_Cromer_14 Sheringham_Cromer_15 Sheringham_Cromer_16 Sheringham_Cromer_17 Sheringham_Cromer_18 Sheringham_Cromer_19 Sheringham_Cromer_20 Sheringham_Cromer_21 Sheringham_Cromer_22 Sheringham_Cromer_23 Sheringham_Cromer_24 Sheringham_Cromer_25 Sheringham_Cromer_26 Sheringham_Cromer_27 Sheringham_Cromer_28 Sheringham_Cromer_29 Sheringham_Cromer_30 Sheringham_Cromer_31 Sheringham_Cromer_32 Sheringham_Cromer_33 Sheringham_Cromer_34 Sheringham_Cromer_35 Sheringham_Cromer_36 Sheringham_Cromer_37 Sheringham_Cromer_38 Sheringham_Cromer_39 Sheringham_Cromer_40

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