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50 Miles in 50 Hours: Backpacking Across the Yorkshire Dales

A friend, Victoria, from my undergraduate years announced towards the end of last year that she would be taking leave from her work in 2017 in order to attempt to be the first person to walk from John o’Groats to Land’s End… via the (historical) highest point of every county in Great Britain. This mammoth walk covers over 3000 miles and is scheduled to take 8 months in total. I decided that I would very much like to join her for the leg of her walk through my homeland, the Yorkshire Dales.

With a very poor weather forecast ahead, I met Victoria in Ribblehead carrying a tent and associated gear in my 35 litre backpack. We were set to walk approximately 50 miles across rough terrain, wild camping en-route, reaching her home in South Stainley two days later where Victoria would spend two days resting before continuing her journey south. Whilst we did encounter a lot of rain, the weather was not quite as bad as it was forecast to be, and even turned quite hot on the last day resulting in a bit of sunburn.

The adventure was definitely a lot of fun, though I think that next time I’ll aim to spread the mileage over more days. We walked over 22 miles on the final day which was tiring with a backpack!

YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_01 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_02 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_03 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_04 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_05 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_06 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_07 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_08 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_09 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_10 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_11 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_12 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_13 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_14 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_15 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_16 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_17 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_18 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_19 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_20 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_21 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_22 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_23 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_24 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_25 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_26 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_27 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_28 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_29 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_30 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_31 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_32 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_33 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_34 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_35 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_36 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_37 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_38 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_39 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_40 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_41 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_42 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_43 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_44 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_45 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_46 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_47 YorkshireDales_Backpacking_2017_48

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