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Norfolk Camping Weekend: Wells-next-the-Sea

With the arrival of a heatwave to the UK, and with no weekend plans ahead, we made the sensible decision to head to the coast for a weekend, camping. It was scorching hot, and incredibly packed. Nevertheless, Wells-next-the-Sea offers a beach sufficiently large that it is always possible to escape the crowds if one is prepared to walk far enough. We were fortunate to enjoy the company of a seal, and perhaps less fortunate to discover and be stung by a number of small jellyfish in the water, perhaps due to the warm sea temperature. Unusually, three baby (and sadly dead) sharks were also in the shallow waters. We’re now looking forward to the next hot spell so that we can return!

Norfolk_Wells_2017_01 Norfolk_Wells_2017_02 Norfolk_Wells_2017_03 Norfolk_Wells_2017_04 Norfolk_Wells_2017_05 Norfolk_Wells_2017_06 Norfolk_Wells_2017_07 Norfolk_Wells_2017_08 Norfolk_Wells_2017_09 Norfolk_Wells_2017_10 Norfolk_Wells_2017_11 Norfolk_Wells_2017_12 Norfolk_Wells_2017_13 Norfolk_Wells_2017_14 Norfolk_Wells_2017_15 Norfolk_Wells_2017_16 Norfolk_Wells_2017_17 Norfolk_Wells_2017_18 Norfolk_Wells_2017_19 Norfolk_Wells_2017_20 Norfolk_Wells_2017_21 Norfolk_Wells_2017_22 Norfolk_Wells_2017_23 Norfolk_Wells_2017_24 Norfolk_Wells_2017_25 Norfolk_Wells_2017_26

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