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Titus Flowering in Cambridge Botanical Gardens

Titus, Cambridge Botanical Gardens’ Titan Arum plant, flowered for the first time since 2004! This is a rare occasion, happening once every 10 years (on average), and the flower can only be seen for a few days. I arrived less than 24 hours after the flower opened, however it had already started to wilt. Nevertheless, it was a remarkable spectacle and I was extremely happy to see it this time.

Titus_Flower_2017_01 Titus_Flower_2017_02 Titus_Flower_2017_03 Titus_Flower_2017_04 Titus_Flower_2017_05 Titus_Flower_2017_06 Titus_Flower_2017_07 Titus_Flower_2017_08 Titus_Flower_2017_09 Titus_Flower_2017_10 Titus_Flower_2017_11 Titus_Flower_2017_12 Titus_Flower_2017_13 Titus_Flower_2017_14 Titus_Flower_2017_15 Titus_Flower_2017_16

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